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What is a LoL Smurf Account?

A League of Legends (LoL) smurf account is a lvl. 30 account that has been unranked for every season. Generally, those smurf accounts contain a set amount of Blue Essence (BE), so the player that buys the account can instantly purchase a few champions. The more BE the account has – the higher the price.

At InstantSmurfs we only provide high quality smurf accounts, ranging from 50.000 to 100.000 BE. Even our most affordable accounts still have enough BE to buy the 20 champions that are needed to jump right into a ranked queue.

Why do I need a Smurf Account?

There are several reasons why having a smurf account can be beneficial for the average League of Legends player. First of all, having a smurf account is great to calm down and relax. Only playing ranked games on your main account can be very stressful at times, and hopping on an unranked account to play against people lower than your own elo will result in a much more fun and stress-free LoL-experience.

Also, League of Legends can be very toxic at times. People will argue about anything in the chat, and sooner or later, you will find yourself doing the same.
Bans happen to anyone, even pro players, and when you do get banned, it’s important to have a smurf account so you don’t need to grind from 0 to lvl. 30 again.
By purchasing a smurf account, you will be able to instantly jump into ranked games while you are waiting for your main account to be unbanned.
Nothing is worse than playing bot-games for weeks, only to reach level 30 on an account that isn’t even your main. You are much better off just purchasing a smurf account to save yourself the grind and headache that comes along with it.

Why buy a Smurf Account from your site?

We only provide the highest quality smurf accounts out there. All of our smurf accounts have never been in a single ranked game before, and all of them have unverified E-Mails, so you can fully claim the account after your purchase.
As stated in our name, we deliver our LoL accounts instantly. No need to wait for the account to arrive. You can instantly hop on and play.

Furthermore, our prices are as affordable as it can get. You will not find better prices for unranked Smurf Accounts in the same BE-Range on the internet.
Purchase one and try our quality for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

I can't find the E-Mail with my account details yet, where is it?

Be sure to also check your spam folder for our E-Mail.
If you haven’t recieved the E-Mail within 5 minutes, please contact us.

How do I change the E-Mail and password of my account?

In order to change your Email and/or password, all you need to do is login to leagueoflegends.com, sign in to your account, go to Settings and change them there.

Is buying accounts from your site safe?

We are very serious about our customer protection. We do everything we can to keep your data secure. Every checkout on our site is SSL-encrypted, so your payment information can’t be stolen.

Will the account I buy get banned?

There’s always a tiny chance of getting banned, but it’s insanely small (around 0.1%) since we do everything we can to make our accounts as safe as posible. But if it happens to you, simply contact us within 14 days of your purchase and we will give you a new account for free.

Got banned? no problem

Our League of Legends Smurf Accounts are an easy solution! Due to our instant 24/7 delivery system, you will be back to playing Solo Queue in a few short minutes!

have fun again

Tired of having to tryhard every single game on your main account? Playing on a Smurf Account can be a breath of fresh air and help you enjoy the game again!

Trusted by thousands

We know too well how shady some League Smurf Websites can be. There is no need to worry though, we actually care about our customers. We are always there to help!

try new champions

Still missing some Champs on your main account? Not a problem at all! Grab yourself a Smurf and try the Champions you didn’t have enough BE for in Ranked Games – with no consequences!

reset your mmr

Only getting a few LP per win – but losing many on defeat? That means your MMR is not good… And recovering from that is hard!
Why not get a Smurf with a fresh MMR and try again? Who knows, maybe it was just bad luck and you can rank much higher!

Have a Back-up

Games can get very hectical – and bans often happen when you least expect it! With one of our Smurf Accounts you will be well prepared for the worst-case scenario!